Joel 3:14   Multitudes, multitudes in the valley of decision: for the day of the LORD is near in the valley of decision.



Church planting, Village work, Publications, Teaching, Helps

We have established Tabernaculo de Fe in Piedras Negras, out of which all outreach work flows to the Mexican people. We are also involved in helping other churches with their building projects and operations.






Here we minister to the poorest of the poor, for these are the people who are the most hungry for the Gospel.

The Lord has blessed us with a publications ministry. Through donations, purchases, and printing, we have been able to place more than a million pieces of Gospel literature annually into Mexico. Even with the high cost of Bibles today, the Lord has always provided, and we have been able to fill every request for tracts and Bibles. Praise the Lord!

From classes on soul winning to church doctrine and the Christian life, doors are open everywhere. One student traveled more than 80 miles by train each week to attend the foundational classes.

This is the most active and most demanding part of the ministry. We live in a hurting world, and the ministry of helps covers everything from helping families bury their dead to feeding and clothing their children. This ministry requires leaving the pulpit and getting dirty, tired, and sweaty, doing tasks from digging wells to pulling corn, whatever needs to be done to let our lives be examples of the Gospel. Many of those to whom we minister cannot read and have not been educated. However, through the ministry of helps, our lives become the Gospel that they see and understand. When they see how Jesus is working in our lives, they want the same Jesus in their lives.




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Latin Herald Missions is a full gospel missions outreach of Dr. Donald Vickery and Rev. Connie Vickery

You may contact them at:  PO Box 309,   La Vernia, Texas  78121