Joel 3:14   Multitudes, multitudes in the valley of decision: for the day of the LORD is near in the valley of decision.

                                 Ministry in Honduras         

New Church Planting Outreach started in Honduras. 

As in many Latin American Countries poverty is ever present.  There is a great need for feeding stations in many villages and a great need for churches in the mountains.  We were blessed to be able to minister in one of the mountain Home Churches.  The mountain areas are hard to reach because of the roads and isolation.   Our vision for Honduras is to plant church preaching points in every non evangelized area. We are networking with a local Pastor to begin a feeding program for the children.  This will require much planning and expense due to the large number of children who live in the villages and towns. 

In two different areas Sis Connie ministered to the ladies that have problems with their pregnancies and need special care for their unborn.  Each one of the ladies has a heart breaking story to tell of their lives

In one of the local hospitals we were allowed to enter the critical care areas and pray for the children there.  Often, because of extreme poverty and lack of adequate food and medical care the children suffer greatly.  Please remember the children in your prayers. 


Making Tortillas for the Ladies


Ministering to expectant Mothers

Planting vegetables

Pastor for many years


Ministry to children in the Hospital

Ministry in a Mountain Top Home


Latin Herald Missions is a full gospel missions outreach of Dr. Donald Vickery and Rev. Connie Vickery

You may contact them at:  PO Box 309,   La Vernia, Texas  78121